Lee Friedlander Framed by Joel Coen

A new exhibition of Friedlander’s photographs. What is special about this is that the photos were selected by filmmaker Joel Coen. Here is the website of the exhibition, which includes images of many of the artworks, and here is a review of it written by Sean O’Hagan.

I found this passage interesting in O’Hagan’s review:

[Friedlander’s] photographs often evoke the energy of urban life in anonymous cities – the sense of individuals constantly on the move through crowded or deserted streets and revolving doors, and the suggestion that something is happening just out of frame, or is about to happen in the next shot. Sometimes, though, nothing is happening at all on Friedlander’s empty lots and half-empty car parks, and that eerie emptiness is also redolent of certain establishing shots from Coen brothers’ films, which always tend to take their own sweet time to get where they are going. In both cases, the unexpected and the almost mundane exist in an uneasy harmony.

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